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Crystal Lake and Watershed Association


Protecting the integrity of Crystal Lake,
Benzie County, MI, now and for the future.

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Watershed Perspectives and Facts

Welcome to the Crystal Lake & Watershed Association (CLWA), a nonprofit (501c3) organization of concerned local citizens and environmental professionals committed to protecting the integrity of Crystal Lake, Benzie County, Michigan, for the enjoyment of future generations.


(Please see our Calendar page for all events throughout the year.)


(Please see our Recent Changes To This Site page for details about any new or updated information on the site.)
  Summer Employment/Internship Opportunity – We are seeking a 2014 summer intern to participate in development of a Watershed Management Plan for the Betsie River/Crystal Lake Watershed in Benzie, Grand Traverse and Manistee Counties. Please see here for details. (Posted 3/26/14).

  We are seeking photos to feature the many wonderful aspects of Crystal Lake in Benzie County, Michigan; its beauty, uniqueness, and intriguing nature. Please see here for details.

  Crystal Lake Boating Access Site (MDNR) – Current Status

June, 2013 – The CLWA builds and operates a boat-washing station to prevent the spread of invasive species. See our "
Crystal Lake Boating Access Site" page for more details, as well as information about updates at the site and pictures by CLWA members.

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  Crystal Lake and Watershed Association  

Crystal Lake &
Watershed Association
P.O. Box 89, Beulah, MI 49617
Phone: (231) 882-4001
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”Prologue” to Crystal Lake

The sun awaits its birth o'er the quiet Lake
  A glow behind the night, yet to dispense the dark.
    The lightening hills, still ghostly, anticipating dawn
      But peace still reigns; contentment lies within my heart.

And as I stroll along the rippled sands
  Peace walks with me – I wait and sigh
    For that beckoning voice beneath the ripple of the waves
      To tell me, "Be ye still, for God is neigh."

And so, yet lovely Lake, I pour forth to you
  This message from my soul, no longer ache
    Forever after me as I depart this life.
      Remembering your calm inspiration, Crystal Lake.

-- Stacy L. Daniels (Aug. 29, 1937 - )